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Beginning in 1981, Ag-Trakker was developed exclusively by a seed company to manage its seed inventory and other accounting functions. At the request of other seedsmen, the seed tracking software, which tracks lot numbers from point of purchase through packaging through final delivery, was made available for sale and is now in use by over 50 seed companies coast to coast.

Ag-Trakker will be the last software package you buy for managing your seed inventory. Lot number tracking is a feature not found in most other popular low-cost inventory management / accounting software packages for seed companies.



The Ag-Trakker package contains several modules that all work together to provide a complete turn-key solution to your inventory and accounting needs. In addition, an optional report writing package (Crystal Reports®) can be added to provide unlimited reporting and export capability. Click on each of the module titles below for more information. Pricing information is included after the list below.

All Ag-Trakker modules have the following features:

  • Easy-to-use and operate 
  • Periodic closings appear in separate menu, makes closing a breeze 
  • Selectively secure applications with user id/password protection 
  • Runs under Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10 
  • Cloud version is available - access your data from anywhere 

Inventory - Tracks the movement of your inventory.
Accounts Receivable - Set up and maintain customer accounts, record payments, monitor outstanding balances.
Purchase Contracts - Enter and track purchase contracts (or purchase orders).
Sales Quotes - Record price quotes given to your customers by your salespeople.
Sales Contracts - Enter, print and track binding sales agreements.
Shipping Orders - Enter and track shipping orders for the customer accounts.
Invoices - Enter and print sales invoices for the customer accounts for printing and mailing to the customers.
Tag-Trakker - Track test results for the many lots and varieties of seed sold, as well as, print tags.
Blends - Produce and track blends and mixes for the many lots and varieties of seed available, as well as, print
dump sheets, blend sheets and create seed tag images for various packaging requirements.
Accounts Payable - Set up the vendor accounts, enter invoices for payment, print checks.
Payroll - Personnel management package that tracks your employees and their personnel files.
General Ledger - Comprehensive double-entry accounting system which provides a complete set of financial
records for your business operation.
Products and Pricing Our software is available in several configurations.
ODBC Add-on - Opens up your Ag-Trakker files so you can access your data from other (non Ag-Trakker) applications, such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel and so forth.
Adobe Acrobat® - A 3rd Party product that can be used with Ag-Trakker's standard reports. You can preview the report on-
screen before printing, save reports as PDF files for reference or sharing.

Click on any of the links above to view more detailed information about that part of the program.

Ag-Trakker will be the last software package you buy for managing your seed business.