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Accounts Receivable

Invoices and credit memos are automatically posted to the Accounts Receivable from Invoicing. The Accounts Receivable system is used to record payments, monitor the outstanding balances and print monthly statements for each customer account.


  • Open-item tracking of invoices and payments
  • Enter and track pre-payments 
  • Selectively assess finance charges for each customer 
  • Print an aged trial balance, with detail, for each customer 
  • Print monthly and weekly statements 
  • Set discount pricing for each customer 
  • Target mailings to specific customer groups 
  • Miscellaneous debit and credit memo entry 
  • Print account hot list identifying late-paying customers 
  • Alpha-lookup name groups chain store locations for quicker invoicing 
  • Review 24-month sales & profitability by customer on-screen 
  • Full, on-screen history for every customer, every transaction 
  • Attach pop-up style notes to flag specific customers 
  • Use multi-part, pre-printed, dot-matrix forms or single-sheet, letterhead, inkjet for statements 
  • Print customer labels

 Reports and Forms

  • Aged Trial Balance 
  • Customer Account Hot List 
  • Customer List 
  • Customer Open Items List 
  • Customer History Report 
  • Weekly Statements (plain-paper) 
  • Finance Charges Report 
  • Monthly Statements (multi-part form or plain-paper) 
  • Open Item Entry Report 
  • Cash Application Proof Report 
  • Paid Items Update Report 
  • Customer Labels (pin-fed or single-sheet)
  • Export data to Spreadsheets, Databases, Word Processors, etc. ODBC Add-on.