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Inventory Control

Inventory management is the lifeblood of a seed company's operations. Ag-Soft's Inventory module allows a business to track the entire process from source to destination, while accomplishing a variety of unique functions in between.

Inventory operations are completely integrated throughout the entire range of seed management functions, such as booking, sales and accounting. Benefits of total inventory integration include enhanced decision-making due to the availability of up-to-the minute management information, increased profit margins and improved customer service.

What is "on-the-fly" inventory management?

"On-the-fly" inventory management is a term used to describe the real-time inventory management capabilities of Ag-Trakker.

Gone are the days of searching through inventory printouts just to find an outdated inventory balance.  Now you can know inventory positions (by lot number) – even while entering an order with the customer on the phone!

"On-the-fly" inventory management allows your salespeople to respond quicker to customer requests since inventory positions by lot number are available to them instantly -- on the screen.  Imagine ... quantity-on-hand, quantity-on-order (from suppliers or growers), quantity-booked (contracted with customers), quantity-reserved (in shipment process) and quantity-blended (held for blends) ... by lot number, available in a clear, concise format on one screen ... even while working on a contract, shipping order or invoice.

And we don't stop there.  Ag-Trakker can also display crop year, test results info -- pure seed, inert matter, other crop, weed seed and live seed, with the add-on module Tag-Trakker.  And then there's germination, hard seed, quantity-available and two user-defined areas for entering your own data such as fluoresence and endophyte.

Talk about empowering your sales force!

Lot Number Tracking  

Ag-Trakker knows how to track inventory by lot number ... from point-of-purchase through final delivery.

Our competitors may claim to track lot numbers but they don't go to the lengths we do when it comes to tracking your inventory.  Ag-Trakker  Inventory and Accounting software does the hard work for you.  You can see the movement of any lot number for one, five or ten years.  You can save your lot history for as long as you like and find out detailed information about any lot, at any time.  For example, you can find out which of your best customers bought what lots on what day on what invoice numbers.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations that claim to track by lot number. 

Ag-Trakker is lot number tracking software by design, not chance.


  • 3-part inventory number allows numbers and/or letters 

    • Product category code 

      • 3 character commodity id with a 1 character warehouse id 
      • or 4 character commodity id if only have one warehouse 

  • Item number 

    • 3 character variety id 

    • 1 character quality code 

    • 2 character package size 

  • Lot number 

    • 15 character lot id 

  • Inventory quantities for each lot number are updated in real-time 

    • Track quantity on hand for up to 4 row-bin locations 

    • Track quantity on order with growers or suppliers on purchase contracts 

    • Track quantity on early-order bookings or pre-season sales contracts with customers 

    • Track quantity reserved for shipment on in-house shipping orders 

    • Track quantity reserved for use in blends 

  • Set discount or quantity pricing by commodity or lot numbers 
  • Print detail or summary position report by commodity or lot number 
  • Enter receipts, miscellaneous adjustments, repackages, cycle counts 
  • Print insurance value report 
  • Print physical count worksheet 
  • Review 12-month quantity movement for each item at-a-glance 
  • Review 24-month sales & profitability by commodity on-screen 
  • Review 24-month sales & profitability by lot number on-screen 
  • Full, on-screen history for every inventory item, every transaction 
  • Attach pop-up style notes to flag specific lots 
  • Print inventory labels 

 Reports and Forms

  • Product Code List 
  • Inventory Position Report 
  • Slow Moving Items Report 
  • Inventory Value Report 
  • Inventory Price List 
  • Inventory Buyers Report 
  • Inventory Quantities List 
  • Expired Tests List 
  • Inventory History Lists 
  • Inventory Stock Status Report 
  • Inventory Issues History Report 
  • Inventory Transactions Report 
  • Inventory Labels (pin-fed or single-sheet)
  • Purchase Analysis Reports
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Export data to Spreadsheets, Databases, Word Processors, etc. ODBC Add-on.