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Purchase Contracts

Purchase Contracts is used to enter and track purchase contracts (or purchase orders) for the grower (or vendor) accounts.  You may print the purchase contracts for mailing or faxing to your suppliers.


  • Enter and print purchase contracts with growers and/or suppliers
  • Instant adjustment to inventory position 
  • Track open contracts by ship date, inventory number, vendor, crop year, salesman or contract number, showing quantity ordered, lot numbers received and net quantity remaining-to-receive 
  • Automatically set up a vendor payable and test result for each lot received, if desired 
  • Full history reporting for every vendor, every receipt 
  • Use multi-part, pre-printed, dot-matrix forms or single-sheet, letterhead, inkjet for purchase contracts

 Reports and Forms

  • Receiving Tickets (plain paper) 
  • Purchase Contracts (multi-part form or plain-paper) 
  • Open Contract Report by Contract 
  • Open Contract Report by Vendor 
  • Open Contract Report by Estimated Ship Date 
  • Open Contract Report by Salesperson 
  • Open Contract Report by Inventory
  • Export data to Spreadsheets, Databases, Word Processors, etc. ODBC Add-on.